About me

Since childhood I have been interested in politics. At 17, I joined the Social Democratic Party (SP). For me, it has been clear from my youth that the SP is my political home because it best represents my political views. I care about a social and ecological Switzerland. I wish for an open, social and humane Switzerland.

Since 2007, I am a member of the Grand Municipal Council. Adliswil, which I was allowed to preside last year and since 2011 member of the Cantonal Council Zurich. I realize this activity with a lot of commitment.

It is important to me to work for the well-being of all members. On this homepage you will learn more about my political commitment.


A strong youth in politics is extremely important. It should be an interest of all of us to let young people participate in politics because it needs both young and experienced people in politics. Thus, the interests of all can also be incorporated into the political decision-making process.

"It is absolutely vital that the youth are interested in politics and engage as much as possible! We boys have to bear the long-term consequences of political decisions, so we need to work hard for our ideas and our goals and fight for their realization!"

I am committed to equal opportunities in education. The promotion of day schools and nursery schools is indispensable for high-quality education. It takes more day schools and nurseries, so that work and family are compatible for the parents.

I am committed to strong public transport and traffic calming in the neighborhoods. A strong public transport network is a significant location advantage for the communities. A well-developed public transport network makes a major contribution to environmental protection. With traffic calming in the neighborhoods such as the Tempo 30 zones, the quality of life and safety for the children and older people can be significantly increased.

I am committed to a strong public service. It must not be the case that austerity programs are reducing central infrastructure. An investment in service public is an investment for the future.